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girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

Andy/Ianto Prompt Table

17th July 2008 (13:16)

feeling: creative
rockin out to: Evermore - This Unavoidable Thing Between Us

01.Making the Bed 02.Telephone 03.Embarrassing Moment 04.Rugby 05.Cold
06.Waiting for Help 07.Cuddle 08.Stolen Moments 09.Walking the Dog 10.Early Morning
11.Coffee 12.Denial 13.Paperwork 14.Toast & Jam 15.Sing Along
16.Lie in 17.Stolen Kiss 18.Cleaning House 19.Birthmark 20.Wounded
21.Uniform 22.Thunderstorm 23.First Kiss 24.Patrol 25.Dinner
26.Friends 27.Rain 28.Movie Night 29.Rough Housing 30.Daydreaming

With immense help from the awesome [info]mykhuntvolta, I've now got my first prompt table! Andy/Ianto is just too irresistible.

If all goes accordingly I will actually write 30 Andy/Ianto fics, with a heavy focus on Andy. Ratings will range from PG to NC17. Each fic will be linked from this table; just scroll over a prompt link to see the part number and rating.

The series title is taken from the Evermore song of the same name, "This Unavoidable Thing Between Us". I was planning on changing the series title, but this one has stuck.