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girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

Loads of New Trailer Icons

5th January 2008 (14:00)

feeling: silly
rockin out to: Jet - Rip it up

I realize I may have over done it with the Jack/Ianto snogging scene, but it's not my fault. I received bunches of new PS brushes and finally figured out how to use them! As for the sappiness, em, I have no idea why I did that. Of course then I did a bit of gun!porn to even it out. Feel free to use them. I actually am glad I waited to make these, much better than my others I think.


The Lot Is HereCollapse )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

Keeping Up With the Joneses 2/2

29th December 2007 (02:48)

feeling: devious
rockin out to: Breaking Benjamin - Rain

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

Icons from the New Trailer + Animated Icons

26th December 2007 (00:14)

feeling: grumpy
rockin out to: Tool - Schism (Piano Version)

Result! Another spankin new trailer! That can only mean... I've succumbed to more icons (Plus my video games were hijacked *pouts*). I really need to get do more graphics/text. My stuff's so plain, but generally I just don't want to ruin a good pic.


The Lot is HereCollapse )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

Old and new icons, wallapapers and banners.

22nd December 2007 (14:00)

feeling: sore
rockin out to: Chris Cornell - You Know My Name

Here are 3 icons, 9 wallpapers and 2 banners. You can thank secbeth for the 'men of torchwood' idea. She made a request and I went crazy before I even tried (I suck with PS) and well I made loads after I realized I could do it, so cheers! Plus it was a shameless excuse to marvel over the new pic. The icons I made some time ago; just found them when I was making the wallpapers. I need to do a clean out and see what else I can find. Oh, and I may have been inspired by a certain 007 with the Jack and Ianto wallpapers. Free to use.

Some Old and New GraphicsCollapse )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

Ianto, Andy, Jack Icons

21st December 2007 (20:07)

feeling: happy
rockin out to: Mill a h-Uile Rud - De Mu a Dheidhinn

More icons! So a lot of these I found lurking about and figured I'd toss them out for a view. I left out loads, mainly because they're the common pics. All from series 1, all Andy, Ianto, and a couple Jack. The last ones... don't blame me! They're were meant as a joke at the time after some crazy ideas surfaced, and now I can't believe I made them... though they are kind of funny if you know the songs referenced. The Ianto/Andy ones were inspired by fic ideas that were discussed with someone, but I think that front's been abandoned.


Andy, Ianto, Jack IconsCollapse )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

Keeping Up With the Joneses 1/2

20th December 2007 (02:11)

feeling: chipper
rockin out to: Oasis - Lord Don't Slow Me Down

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

Series 2 Trailer Icons

19th December 2007 (21:07)

feeling: crazy
rockin out to: The Kooks - Naive

Not too many icons and they're all pretty plain, with a few exceptions.


Trailer IconsCollapse )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

Torchwood Novel Cover Icons

18th December 2007 (14:40)

feeling: sick
rockin out to: Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Basically because I'm sick and I can, here are some icons of the new novel covers; feel free to use them. I have to say, I think these are much better than the last three. I really like the artwork and can't wait to read them.

Novel Cover IconsCollapse )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

Jonesing for Another

5th December 2007 (23:45)

feeling: mellow
rockin out to: Stereophonics - Mr. Writer

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

Knock Out

2nd December 2007 (21:10)

feeling: giddy
rockin out to: Tool - Schism

Title: Knock Out
Characters: Jack/Ianto, Owen
Rating: 12
Summary: Jack gets knocked out by a Weevil.
A/n: Random fluffy h/c ficlet I forgot about.

Knock OutCollapse )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

3 Of A Kind

25th November 2007 (22:34)

feeling: cold
rockin out to: A Perfect Circle - Judith

This wasn’t supposed to be this long, but it started growing on its own. I almost want there to be more, but I’m not sure where I’d take it. This is basically an expansion of my fic Full House.

Title: 3 Of A Kind
Pairings: Ianto/Jack/Ten
Rating: 15ish probably
Warning: A bit crackish and AU.

3 Of A KindCollapse )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

Full House

23rd November 2007 (21:30)

feeling: blah
rockin out to: Tool - Vicarious

I've got a few longish fics I'm working on, but my last one drained my brain I think. Maybe this is what writer’s block feels like (never had it). I need some crack ideas, those are always fun and generally easy to write. Really I just need to learn to write better, I tend to ramble (like now) and my longer fics are proof of this. This drabble is definitely part of a longer fic, only I'm still working on fitting it together. So this is a bit of a preview. Hopefully it doesn't seem too awkward, it's just silly really.

Title: Full House
Characters: Ianto/Jack/Ten
Rating: PG

Full HouseCollapse )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

Torchwood Babiez Icons

1st November 2007 (21:49)

feeling: lazy
rockin out to: Local H - Hands on the Bible

I've made some icons! They're from the wonderful Torchwood Babiez comic, the wallpaper, and the Halloween picture; the brilliant artwork and story belong to jigglykat and spastasmagoria, I just defile their work. The Torchwood Babiez series is here tw_babiez. (And thanks again for letting me use your comics!)
Feel free to use any you like. I think I created an icon for everything! I was very bored. I edited out as much of the text bubbles as I could, as well as the other character parts in the background. Hopefully they don't look too odd. (If there is anything you'd like that you don't see, go ahead and ask, I've probably already got it, or something very close...I made tons of these!)


Click here for the lotCollapse )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

Towel Day Celebration

26th October 2007 (00:12)

feeling: shocked

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

Midnight Joneses

22nd October 2007 (20:39)

feeling: mellow
rockin out to: Nightmare of You - Buried in Your Backyard

So this was supposed to be a drabble, but obviously I broke the rule.

Title: Midnight Joneses
Characters: Martha, Ianto/Ten
Rating: 12
Summary: “I only wanted a glass of water, not a peep show!”
Prompt: Ianto/Ten from Martha’s POV
Sort of for the challenge at notcannon.

Midnight JonesesCollapse )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

You Can’t Leave Me If I’m Already Gone

21st October 2007 (16:51)

feeling: melancholy
rockin out to: Rise Against - Everchanging

Title: You Can’t Leave Me If I’m Already Gone
Characters: Martha, Ianto, Ten
Rating: G
Prompt: Ianto/Ten from Martha's POV
For the weekly drabble challenge at notcannon
A/N: Hopefully this works because I don't know why I wrote it or even how, it just appeared. I think this is as angsty as I can be, usually I write stupid/crackish/fluff with no real purpose. (But I'll blame Sean-Superman because he left yesterday. I'm all sad and lonely now.)

You can't leave me if I'm already goneCollapse )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

Rime Time & Nice Chest

13th October 2007 (23:39)

feeling: predatory
rockin out to: Suede - Filmstar

I haven’t had any fun/good ideas lately. I’ve been trying to write up something longer, but then I lose control. Sean's not helping, at least I can blame him for 2 weeks; he's fun, very distracting and nice to look at, but gives me bad ideas. Hence these are kind of lame.

Title: Rime Time
Characters: Ianto, Ten
Rating: G

This is stand alone, but I wrote it as sort of a prequel to my drabble I’m dying you idiot.

Rime TimeCollapse )

Title: Nice Chest
Characters: Ianto, Ten
Rating: G
Challenge: Adventure    
For the weekly drabble challenge at notcannon

Nice ChestCollapse )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

I'm Dying You Idiot

6th October 2007 (17:35)

feeling: groggy
rockin out to: Adolescents - Amoeba

Title: I’m Dying You Idiot
Pairing: Ianto/Ten
Rating: G
Challenge: Sick
Also posted at notcannon.
I'm Dying You IdiotCollapse )

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]


6th October 2007 (17:26)

feeling: bored
rockin out to: Breaking Benjamin - Aenema

Title: M.T.D.
Characters: Ianto, Ten
Rating: PG
Warning: Crack. Inspired by "A Dirty Job" by Chris Moore.

girlinthedirtyshirt [userpic]

May 25th

3rd October 2007 (21:51)

feeling: okay
rockin out to: Tool - The Grudge

Title: May 25th
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG mostly
Inspired by my previous drabble Don't leave Earth without it, Douglas Adams, Towel Day, and coffeegirl18.

May 25thCollapse )

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